Day 52: Wakkanai, Hokkaido to Cape Soya, Hokkaido


An Ode to Chari

To my Chari, my friend,
My wheels, my steed.
I’d like to say thanks
For your prowess and speed.

You treated me kinder
Than I could ever have wished.
And we got through it all
Without the need to get pished.

Instead I drank water
And lubed you with oil.
You were a brilliant partner,
My cover, my foil.

Three thousand six hundred
And eighty we rode.
For fifty-two days,
Just us and the road.

Without even a whimper,
Without batting an eye,
You chewed up the Tarmac,
You taught me to fly.

Some roads they were tough,
But with ups there come downs.
And you whipped me through cities,
Through fields and towns.

Not once did you grumble,
Never even a flat.
I couldn’t have dreamt
Of having better than that!

So, to your unfading strength,
Your reluctance to tarry.
To my two-wheeled companion,
The legend. The Chari.



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