Photos from Asahi Shimbun

So if you recall, I was tracked to my finishing point by Ryosuke from the Asahi Shimbun, one of Japan’s leading newspapers. He stayed with me and showed me around the Wakkanai area during my penultimate day and then waited for me at Cape Soya to immortalise my final moments with Chari on film.
The article is being written in association with Impact Journalism Day and will be printed in multiple languages on 20th September 2014. This is actually pretty exciting. Impact Journalism Day unites 50 different newspapers in 40 different countries with a combined readership of 100 million people. My story will be part of it!
I hope this will prove to be a shot in the arm for my ongoing fund-raising campaign and for the Ogatsu School Restoration Project, but until then if you would like to contribute please visit my global giving page!
Here are some sexy pictures, taken by Ryosuke, of my final few miles.

prefectural road 106-4 Just arrived!! interview prefectural road 106 with Rishiri prefectural road 106 prefectural road 106-2 prefectural road 106-3


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