My Route

Journey to the Start

Before I even ‘start’ I have a train, a ferry and a full day’s riding:


Here’s my rough plan for Kyushu. I will never say no to a roof over my head and a warm shower, so if you live near this route (or you know someone who does) and you wouldn’t mind a sweaty ginger on your sofa for a night please let me know. I’ll love you forever!


This is the route I took through Shikoku. I would have liked to have gone a little slower but in the end raced through in just a few days.


Three days to meander my way across Kansai. Following the Yodogawa/Ujigawa/Setagawa to Lake Biwa was a surprisingly pleasant ride and not the industrial slog I’d imagined Kansai to be.

Northern Honshu

This is a rough plan of my route through Chubu and Tohoku. Please let me know if you live nearby and would be happy to host me for a night. Also, any places you think I really must see, please let me know.

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