Day 3: Sata, Kagoshima to Ibusuki, Kagoshima


The night was torturous. As a cooked my dinner last night a boar stopped by. He was quite a big boar, probably as big as a small Collie. He scratted around in the vegetation next to my tent and when I moved he stopped and stared. The light was fading and I couldn’t see his eyes but I could tell he watched me walk past. I took a long time washing the dishes in the hope he’d have moved on. He had. Slightly. There was enough space for me to get in the tent without disturbing him, so I dashed in and zipped myself away.
The morning was a continuation of the night. Sea and wind teaming up to roar at me. The cloud sucked the horizon. I had 5km to go to Cape Sata, and, looking at the tropical mounds that disappeared into the clouds in front of me, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be easy.
On a breakfast of nuts and raisins I crawled hover the last three peaks to the cape.

Now it was time to begin. A final look south and then I began to pedal north. The road was like a zoo: two more boar dashing across the road like terrified civilians in Call of Duty; a gaggle of red-faced monkeys parted as I free wheeled and dashed into the trees. Up and down, up and down it continued until I reached the coast road. The smooth tarmac, the gradual inclines and descents. I’d been praying for it for 2 days.
But, seemingly replacing one demon with another, the rain came down heavier and heavier. I stopped to shelter at a police station and the officer came to talk to me. ‘Hokkaido? Wow, that’s great. Where are you heading today?’ ‘Actually I need to get the ferry from Nejime, do you know the times?’ ‘Let’s have a look, eh?’ He dillied and dallied and shuffled some paper. ‘Ah, here we go. 1 o’clock or 5.40. You should be able to make the 1 o’clock. Take care.’

Off I went, the rain now just drizzle and cruised into Nejime port at 12.30. ‘1 ticket for the 1 o’clock, please.’ ‘Next one’s at 3.’ ‘Dang Wangi! I’ll take one of those please.’
The ferry was like that scene from Wolf of Wall Street. I was pretty close to throwing up but just lay on my back as my stomach sloshed like a mini Kagoshima bay.

At Ibusuki came the highlight of my day. Stay tuned for a special post about sunamushi (hot sand onsen)!



2 responses to “Day 3: Sata, Kagoshima to Ibusuki, Kagoshima

  1. Be careful with the boars! They are usually harmless, but like any animal they can be aggressive if they are with babies or desperate for food. One took a bite out of my bum a few summers ago!
    Have a great ride!

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