Day 14: Kochi, Kochi to Mima, Tokushima

Yesterday’s marathon 152km was not to be surpassed today but I still had a over 100km to Mima. Mima is a fairly standard small town in the Shikoku mountains with nothing particular to distinguish it from the other towns along the Yoshino River, it’s surrounded by tree packed volcanic peaks and the river carves a gentle path through Shikoku. But this weekend it plays host to the Tokushima Touch Rugby Tournament and a bunch of my friends will be there.
Looking at the map I knew I’d be climbing out of Kochi city but after that I wasn’t too sure about the terrain. I had a sneaking suspicion I’d be going up and down a bit.
A tough 90 minute climb started the day but to my pleasure (I sang ‘what a difference a day made’ very loudly) the ride was a steady flat/downhill all the way to Mima.

The rugby was still in swing but I took an early bath and settled on the chalet veranda with Austin. As the evening came the players returned and we settled down for a pretty chilled out evening chatting and joking.
It was a much needed injection of speaking English and forgetting about my saddle for a bit.





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