Day 34: Yamagata, Yamagata to Sendai, Miyagi

It’s hard to say where yesterday ended and today began. I had one of sleep before checking out of the internet cafe at 1.30am. I meandered back across town stopping at every convenience store in the way: toilet, coffee, tooth brushing, eye drops. I got back to Ride 4 Life, the bar I’d called in at ‘yesterday’ and was applauded on entry by the sole two inhabitants; the bar owner Zoro and his friend.
After the game my mood was sour. I was tired and hungry – a lethal combination in the setting of my mood. I contemplated paying for another 3 hours at Kaikatsu but in the end had some yoghurt and decided to crack on to Yamadera.
Literally mountain temple, Yamadera is a series of temple and shrine buildings along a 1000 steps up a wooded mountainside. It is quite stunning. Red Japanese maples jut out of the cliff framing a quintessential Japanese temple roof against the steep valley below. And at 8am it’s all mine.




Only as I was returning to my bike did the bus loads of tourist swarm in.
With my energy levels low I plodded on towards Sendai and got lucky as I stooped for lunch. This delightful waterfall was just hanging out behind the restaurant:


Desperate to have somewhere to lay my head I checked in to a hostel in central Sendai. I’ll explore tomorrow – time to get some sleep. おやすみ.


One response to “Day 34: Yamagata, Yamagata to Sendai, Miyagi

  1. Wow! That looks absolutely stunning! Hope you’re rested. If it’s any consolation England are doing quite well against Sri Lanka at Headingley. 59 -1, chasing 257 first innings.

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