Day 46: Lake Toya, Hokkaido to Oiwake, Hokkaido

So it seems I was wrong.
I was so confident in my knowledge of Japanese seasons that I hardly noticed the day go by. But when I arrived at a deserted campsite – for the umpteenth time – I felt like karma was at work. While I professed to know all about the seasons of Japan the dark magic that means, as a foreigner, I will never know all about anything Japanese was put to work. Just to prove a point, it seems, my campsite of choice is empty and, in fact, not yet open. But you know, hey ho, I’ve got used to it.
The ride itself was not bad, but not my best. The legs were not in the mood, which meant my brain was focused only on getting to my target destination. I didn’t talk to anyone. I barely saw anyone. Just one of those days.
But tomorrow I’ll be skipping through fields of lavender!!


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