Day 27: Kanazawa, Ishikawa

After yesterday’s rain I woke up still feeling slightly waterlogged. The rain was still coming down and I didn’t feel like moving.
Sumio, my host, handed me a spare key and told me to relax. I did as I was told.
After doing my washing at the coin laundry I hopped on the train and went into Kanazawa. The train is a single line for single carriages and squeezes through impossibly small gaps between houses and shops. It’s as if it used to be a footpath and they stuck a mini train in it.

Kanazawa is steeped in history and is often referred to as the Kyoto of Ishikawa. Thankfully, the rain lessened and I was able to wander the streets of Higashi Chagai Machi. Wooden buildings from the Edo Period hid darkened shops and cafés. Eventually the rain returned and I took cover in Chikara’s coffee shop, Soshin.





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